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GUTSCHEINSAMMLER is one of the leading providers in the German couponing market. On this website we link more than 1.700 merchants with millions of online shoppers. With its extensive database of exclusive and lucrative coupons, Gutscheinsammler offers additional value for retailers like adidas or Asos, as well as for savvy online shoppers.

VOUCHERBOX extends Gutscheinsammlers recipe for success to the UK market. With an impressive growth and strong partners, we have managed to become one of the most important players in this sector. By now, Voucherbox is recognised as a real savings expert and is one of the three leading couponing platforms in the UK.

COUPONBOX is one of the fastest growing couponing websites in the United States of America. After a brilliant start, we are now acknowledged as a savings expert and have been featured on numerous websites like, Mashable, CNBC or Lifehack that link to our extensive database of coupons and rebates.


MAPROMOBOX was brought to market in November 2015 and extends our couponing strategy to the French market. We’re absolutely certain, that our expertise in the couponing sector will result in an outstanding success of this portal.


KORTINGBOX was also founded in November 2015 and serves the Dutch market. From A like Apple to Z like Zooplus, we list all the favourite online-shops of our Dutch neighbours here and are very happy to help them save money with our coupons and offers.